Our Camps - From £27.00
Byfleet - 6.15pm

Monday, Wednesday

Esher - 9.30am

Monday, Friday

Guildford - 6.30am

Wednesday, Friday

Guildford - 6.30pm

Monday, Wednesday

Lots of Reasons to Join...
Ladies Fitness Camps UK

• Burn fat long after your workout's done

You'll Get Fit, No Matter What Age

• Personal Attention to Technique

REAL Results in Far Less Time

• One Full-Time Trainer per Camp

Only the Most Effective Exercises

Give Your Fitness a Hug!
Ladies Fitness Camps UK

Join a Close-Knit, Supportive Team

• There's No Chance of Getting Bored!

Pair Up and Team Up

• You'll Receive a Ton of Motivation!

We Don't Confine You to Your Mat

• You're Known by Name, NOT Number

Burn a whopping 700+ calories each session

Drop a dress size in as little as 4 weeks

Are you fed up of going to the gym and seeing no positive change in your body?

Do you want to feel part of something more fun and supportive, that gets results?

Come and join the fresh-air fitness club that guarantees you'll lose weight, tone and firm your body, and see amazing results in as little as 4 weeks! Look and feel great without long, boring workouts that eat into your precious free time.

How fantastic would it be to fit back into your favourite clothes and feel 10 years younger within weeks of starting?

Start seeing results now. Switch to our fun mix of fast and energising workouts, and escape the confines of the gym forever! Make friends with like-minded women who stick together and support each other, rain or shine, in getting real, achievable results!

NO Jogging. NO Shouting. Just Fun, Sociable Exercise
ladies fitness camps

By trying one of our Fitness Camps FREE, you'll discover that no matter what age, size, shape or level of fitness you currently are, you'll be made to feel a welcome part of our close-knit club by your Trainer and the other girls in the group.

Discover how much more enjoyable and rewarding exercise is when you share the effort. With each session burning over 700 calories, and hundreds more in-between, you'll be assured of transforming your body and dropping a dress size by the end of your first 4 week Camp!

Even if fat loss isn't your goal, our unique variety of workouts and games will boost your confidence by making you fitter, stronger and healthier in the process.

Come and meet the girls at your local Camp, and discover why our way of exercising will put a smile on your face, NOT a frown!

Try a session for FREE
Follow Our Eating Plan

Drop a Dress Size in 4 Weeks

• 28 Day Meal and Snack Plan

1 Cheat Day a Week!

• Supermarket Shopping List + Guide

Daily Fat Loss Checklist


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