How Our Camps Began...

Hi. My name is Wilf Harrington.

Ladiesfitnesscamps were founded back in 2008, and i've been running them since 2009..

We focus our attention on our Guildford Stoke Park group which meets year round. The great news for us this year is Megan has joined the team, to keep things fresh/interesting for the group. Meg will run the Wed sessions full time from Jan 2023 :)

With strength and determination, any obstacle can be conquered, and I'd like to think that Ladies Fitness Camps can help many women beat feelings of negative body image, increase their health & fitness levels while boosting their confidence too.

If you try one of our Camps I truly believe you'll experience these benefits for yourself too.

Here's to YOU looking and feeling GREAT!


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Our Unique Approach to Your Fitness
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Our approach to 'Boot Camps' is different to many of the fitness classes you may have tried. We don't just bunch you up into a huge group and lose you in the crowd.

Instead I like to take a personal approach, making sure you fit in from the start. We will introduce you to other members, give you an 'exercise buddy', and ensure that you're comfortable with the exercises and challenges presented.

We screen you for any injuries or joint problems, and adapt the session as needed to suit your level of fitness and ability. Of course, if you're already fit, we'll push you, but our Camps are not designed to 'break' you!

Members can be sure that all workouts,challenges and circuits are out together with thought and purpose. We always want to give you the highest standard of training, and the latest, most effective approach to exercise, designed to get you fit and achieve your desired results both sustainably and quickly.

Training With A Difference
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At Camp we believe in training our members with good humour, professionalism and patience. We want all members to work hard and push themselves that little bit further, but still feel like this is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Otherwise there's no point in attending is there!

We definitely DON'T believe in the 'Sergeant Major' approach, barking orders and reminding you of your physical failings. That's not our style. It doesn't work for us, and it's never worked for our clients.

No two sessions are ever exactly the same, so you're always kept on your toes, wondering what your next session has in store!

In fact, we're so confident of our methods, standard of service and your Camp experience that we give you a FREE Trial Pass to come along and put us to the test. We're quietly confident that once you've tried us, you'll be keen to sign up.

Give us a go and see for yourself!

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our Camp sessions very soon...

Quality Trainers Wanted

I'm always on the lookout for fresh talent to run our Camps, either as holiday cover or fronting a new Camp location. If you're passionate about fitness, have experience of working with groups, and can be a great motivator, we want to hear from you!

Please email us with your CV and current location:

PLEASE NOTE: Trainers are employed on a freelance basis, and are not full-time employees of Lifechangetraining. Each is responsible for their own income tax declaration.

Wilf Harrington
Wilf Harrington Personal Trainer


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Wilf Harrington

BSc Exercise & Sports Science. Specialism Health & Fitness

As a body conditioning expert I have been running Ladiesfitnesscamps and since 2009. My mandate is to make clients experiences with us potentially just that, life changing!

I'm passionate about providing women with the foundations to exercise safely, get results, and train with good posture and technique. It's important that they feel supported and confident in their efforts, and I truly believe our Camps help them achieve this.

I fully understand that the majority of you simply want to look and feel better. That's why we make exercise fun, supportive and different! Why not come and try us out?

07590 482629

We think you will love us!
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