Ladies Fitness Guildford

Questions About Your Trial

How do I register for my FREE Trial?

Simply drop Wilf an email at Keepfitcaddie@gmail.com. Wilf we then send you details about joining for your free session.

Please aim to start your free trial session within 4 weeks of registering.

When can I start?

As soon as you’ve registered for your trial and received the relevant information, you can get started as soon as you like. Simply decide when you want to begin your sessions (excluding Bank Holidays) and then turn up!

How many free sessions do I get?

1 free session.

How do I sign up for a full Camp after my trial?

Following your trial we will send you sign up details, so that if you decide to sign up after your Trial, you’re ready to do so.

How many sessions do I pay for after my trial?

We simply charge you a pro-rata fee. You pay for however many sessions you attend during the calendar month. A full list of fees can be found on our Membership page, there are no hidden costs.

Questions About Your Sessions

What time does camp start and where do we meet?

Sessions run 1840 – 1925 on Monday and Wednesdays and 0630 – 0715 on Fridays.

How long is each session?

45 minutes, including a thorough warm up and cool down. Aim to arrive 5 minutes before the session start time so that you’re ready to go!

What do I need to bring, wear etc?

Bring plenty of water, an old towel & gym matt and the enthusiasm to work hard! If it’s cold, you might want to remember a pair of gloves and a woolly hat, but otherwise, a track suit or shorts and t-shirt, and sensible running shoes or trainers. Avoid bringing valuables with you, as although we store them, we cannot be held responsible for any losses.

What will I do at camp?

A whole host of activities and exercises that guarantee you get the best workout in the shortest possible time! We use a variety of exercises from different disciplines to test and work you all hard. You’ll do resistance exercises (using your bodyweight and bands), cardio (boxing, short shuttle runs, skipping, jump jacks) and work on your flexibility and endurance.

Every session will offer new challenges, and each exercise and team event is tailored to suit all fitness levels, designed to burn fat, get you fitter quicker and make your camp sessions enjoyable and rewarding.

Are your Camps anything like military boot camp?

No way! Camp is run by an experienced, qualified Personal Trainer, not a soldier! There’ll be no ‘camo gear’, no marching and definitely no barking of orders! We’re not here to break you down.

I’m new to all this! Will I cope?

You’ll be just fine. The beauty of Camp is that you work to the best of your abilities, no one else’s. It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is. High or low, we’ll make sure it improves. Do what you can, in the time you have.

Everyone, no matter what their level of fitness, mucks in to help each other out, especially during team events. You’ll very quickly find that your strength and confidence will shoot up, and soon forget that you were ever a new member!

What if I have any injuries or conditions?

Please make us aware of these by filling in any relevant details on your Medical Questionnaire, found in your Starter Kit in your welcome email. Your qualified Trainer will then make amendments to your training programme.

How is camp different to my local gym membership?

First off, we exercise outdoors – no gym can offer you that freedom of location. Unlike your local gym, you get to know everyone, you work together and you make friends. There’s no queuing for equipment! Sessions are always different, you get Personal Training quality instruction at a fraction of cost, and you don’t need to worry about losing your membership card! At camp no one feels like a number – each and every member is part of the team.

What types of people go to camp?

Besides being an all-female effort, you’ll find people of all ages attending. Some want to lose weight, others simply want to get fitter and have more energy. Some want to be challenged, others want to be told what to do! A common theme among members is that they like to be sociable, working together as a team and not afraid to put in the effort to get results.

Questions About Results Achieved

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How much weight will I lose?

INSTEAD of weight we want you to focus on inches or centimetres lost around the chest, waist, hips and thighs. Taking these measurements at the start of camp, and then keeping an eye on them over the course of the 1 month, 2 months and 3 months, will be your best indicator of success.

By following the Camp Eating Plan, many Campers have lost up to 1 stone in a month, although you can realistically expect to lose at least 8 pounds or 6 total inches across the 4 sites. Focus too on increased energy, fitness and the fitting of your clothes.

How soon will I see results?

Within a week your energy levels will have risen. Within 2 weeks you’ll feel stronger, fitter and less tired. After 3 weeks those around you will notice the difference, and by the end of a full month you should see and feel a positive change.

Will I be sore sometimes?

In all likelihood you will feel a little sore after some sessions, but that’s good. It’s a positive sign that you’ve worked hard and made a change to your body. As you go through camp you will feel physical soreness less and less, although your fat loss will continue to soar! Soreness is usually caused by doing an exercise you are unused to, or using a weight or a number of repetitions you haven’t done before. It’s all part of testing your body and making positive change! You should never feel pain…

Questions About Attendance

What happens if I don’t show up or miss a session?

There are no refunds for missed sessions. If you say you are coming and then don’t show you will still be charged. (We operate a WhatsApp group for each session and ask who’s going to attend) We won’t chase you, call you or publicly scold you for missing sessions but it’s in your best interest to make it to as many sessions as possible, so that you achieve the best possible results. We will simply carry on as usual in your absence, but we will miss your support!

What do I pay if I’m going away on holiday or business for an extended period?

We charge you a pro-rata fee for the sessions you are able to attend, although the more sessions you are able to attend, the cheaper the fee will be per session.

Is there a refund policy?

With our 100% money back guarantee you’re entitled to ask for a refund, but only if you have attended regularly, followed the provided nutritional plan and can honestly say that you got nothing out of our programme. We don’t believe you will! Otherwise, refunds are only provided in exceptional circumstances.

Does the camp ever end?

Camp runs year round! Should both Megan and I be away on annual leave we will try and source cover/provide pre set sessions accordingly.