Most people pay for gym memberships that they rarely use. The beauty of our camps is that ‘membership’ is flexible and there are no joining fees.

Start with your free trial, and then if you enjoy yourself, simpy come along to as many sessions as you like in a month, and only pay for the sessions you commit to attend 🙂 We use a whatsapp group to keep everyone up to date (don’t worry you won’t be bombared with messages)..

Attend Camp from as little as £7.25 per session!

(Based on attending 10 sessions in one month). This is great value when comparing with other providers.

I invoice monthly for the sessions you attend as below:

1 Session = £9.50

2 Sessions = £18.50

3 Sessions = £27.00

4 Sessions = £35.00

5 Sessions = £42.50

6 Sessions = £49.50

7 Sessions = £56.00

8 Sessions = £62.00

9 Sessions = £67.50

10 Sessions + = £72.50

How to Pay

As soon as your trial is complete I’ll send your nutritional guide.

There are no hidden costs, with all options available for you to view on our Membership page; you can simply choose the membership that best suits your needs, circumstance and budget. We can slot you into to camp anytime, making it as easy as possible for you to start.

Following your trial, all payments are to be made by bank transfer.