Our Service
Outdoor Fitness Service

We are proud of the quality of training we provide clients, and the extremely low level of injury due to safe training practices.

We're always looking to improve and strengthen our brand, and welcome any feedback you might have on your Camp experience and results that you achieve.

Our Mission Statement
LFC Mission Statement

"To establish Ladiesfitnesscamps as the premier provider of ladies fitness Camps in Guildford and the surrounding areas, maintaining our values and high training standards as we show women a more effective and fun way to get into shape."

Our Service

It has always been, and will always be, about quality and effectiveness of outdoor and indoor group exercise. We're passionate about helping women of all shape and size get results from their fitness programme, safely and effectively, ensuring that they have fun as they work towards their goals. We care deeply about achieving this experience for all of our Campers, past, present and future.

Our Trainers

We aim to nurture and develop Trainers with passion, knowledge and excellent people skills. Together, we form a strong team of like-minded individuals who care about our clients and offer them a personal touch that they would be hard pressed to find in any gym. We are always looking to improve our skills, stay abreast of new training techniques, and make the Camper's experience both inspiring and motivational. We hold each other accountable to that standard.

Our Campers - YOU

Every Camp session is a performance. When connected with our Campers, we are fully engaged in their workouts, always bringing energy and laughter to their sessions. We aim to uplift the lives of our Campers - even if just for 45 minutes - and make positive connection with each of them individually. It is our role and duty to warmly welcome every member by name, make them feel part of the group, and know what makes them tick, in pursuit of their fitness goals.

Our Camps

When our customers feel this sense of belonging, our Camps become a strong community, where they can escape the stresses of everyday life, feel motivated, inspired and supported to workout and achieve results they may never have thought possible. Our Camps are a place where girls can safely exercise, away from the confines of a gym, while making friends and feeling part of something special.

For us, our Camps are equally about enjoyment and effective exercise.

We fulfil this mission by a commitment to:

Understand what our Campers want and working hard to meet their needs.

Developing enjoyable workouts to bring about positive physical change.

Striving to give each Camper the 'performance of our lives'.

Measuring and monitoring every single Camper without exception.

Offering the personal touch, and going that extra mile to praise and reward.

Encouraging all Trainers to cherish their role in achieving our mission.