Your Fee Includes**
Fitness Camp Prices

All your paid sessions PLUS:

• 28 Days of Meal and Snack Plans

• Your Camp Mindset Guide

• Your 'Guaranteed Fat Loss' Report

• Your Measurement Guide

• Your 'Running Doesn't Work' Report

• Your Exercise Technique Manual

**These bonuses are only available with 4 or more pre-purchased sessions.

NOT Another Diet... Just Healthy Eating!!
Fitness Camp Nutrition

Ladies Fitness Camps are the ONLY Fitness Camp to offer YOU 28 days of meal and snack plans to support your hard work and ensure you get results!

Our Camps are not just about working you hard and getting you results with exercise.

As Fat Loss professionals we understand that you need to eat effectively too, if you want the very best results from your time at Camp, in the shortest possible time.

That's why, when you join one of our full 4 week Camps, you'll receive a copy of our highly effective nutrition guide, that supports your exercise programme and guarantees you a drop in dress size in just 4 weeks.

Eat a Little Bit Of The 'Naughty Stuff' Too!
Fitness Camp Nutrition

The BEST part is we want you to stick with the plan, so we allow you to cheat occasionally and eat your favourite foods, while being healthy most of the time!

The beauty of this guide is that you can use it for the longterm, since it makes eating simple, lets you eat enough to stay feeling full and satisfied, and still allows for the odd treat here and there.

We provide you with 4 weeks of meal plans and eating ideas, as well as done-for-you shopping lists and food charts. This eating plan is worth your Camp fee in itself!

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is only available when signing up for our full 4 week Camps. This guide is not provided with our 1 week Trial Passes

Everything You Need...

A Cheat Day Allowed!

• Food Shopping List

Good Food / Bad Food Chart

• Over 100 Meal and Snack Ideas

Daily Eating Checklist

• Food Dairy Template

Fast Track Fat Loss Plan

• GUARANTEED Results if Followed

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