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The key to the success of our Camps is the great sense of community that our members help create and maintain.

Everyone feels a special part of the group, and no one is left to fend for themselves. It's something you just can't experience at the gym.

Whether you're a complete beginner or regular exerciser, you'll feel welcomed, encouraged, supported and, most importantly, challenged to the best of your abilities.

Our Christmas Party is a famous annual event - with stories to share and tell from each year since 2009! From camper confessions to memories on the dance floor, you name it we have done it on our offical cheat night for all ;)

We really are more than a fitness club!

"25 Inches - GONE!"

Gemma Adams, 30, Woking

Fitness Outdoors

Bored of the gym, I wanted to increase my fitness levels, lose weight and meet new people, and the idea of exercising outside appealed to me.

I'd never done anything like this before, so I was a little worried that it would be military style training. I couldn't have been more wrong. Simon is a great trainer who pushes you to work hard, but also understands that everyone has a different fitness level. I've been coming to camp for about a year now, and have thoroughly enjoyed every session, even throughout the winter!

The atmosphere at camp is great! There's a wide variety of women of different ages and although everyone works hard, there's always lots of laughs throughout the sessions! Everyone is very supportive and encouraging.

Since the start of the year (6 months), teamed with healthy eating, I've lost just over 2 stone so far, and approximately 25 inches from all over my body! My fitness levels have increased, as has my confidence.

Sessions are challenging but enjoyable, and every session is different, so you never know what's in store for you. My favourite exercise is definitely the boxing. You feel like you're really working hard and it's a great way of releasing any tension from the day!

To anyone considering trying camp I would say go for it! It's a great way to spend your evening, rather than being cooped up inside a gym or sat on the sofa! There's nothing quite like exercising in the fresh air, and you'll definitely be made to feel welcome and well looked after!

"My confidence grows!"

Alicia Mackie, 27, East Horsley, Surrey

Fitness Outdoors

"My stomach is shrinking! Measurements today show a 3 inch loss on the waist in 2 weeks, as well as an inch on the chest and thighs.

I'm getting lots of encouraging comments from friends, and having dropped a dress size already, my favourite clothes are all coming out of hibernation!"

"Carry the olympic torch!"

Helen Glavin, 39, Guildford, Surrey

Surrey Fitness Camps

"Wilf has been inspirational. He has motivated and inspired me to get up at the crack of dawn in all weathers, all year round, and exercise.

I can hardly believe that it is nearly 2 years since I took up the challenge. In all that time you have never made me feel useless and have always encouraged me.

I'd like to nominate you to carry the olympic torch!"

"Down 2 dress sizes and bursting with confidence!"
Guildford fitness class

Shirley Elverson, 45, Byfleet, Surrey

"Sitting down all day at work, I decided it was time to get some exercise in my life. I heard about Camp from friends at work and wasn't quite sure what to expect from the sessions, or the results I might get.

My first week was a bit of a shock, but Simon assured me that my body was simply adjusting to the higher pace and challenge of the new exercises. After the first month I could feel the difference, having a lot more energy and feeling so much more confident about myself.

8 months on, the energy levels are still very much there, and my confidence is sky high. This is no doubt due to the inches I've lost from both my waist and hips, and the fact that I've dropped 2 dress sizes and kept it off all this time!

The camp sessions are great fun, everyone gets on well and pushes each other along, and even if you come to camp on your own, you'll soon blend with everyone else and be joining in the fun.

The atmosphere is brilliant, as everyone is fired up and ready to let off some energy. The higher impact side is very good, the sessions go very quickly, and before you know it, you're cooling down and on your way home!

I always look forward to each session and enjoy all of the exercises and workouts that we do, even if I do end up feeling worn out - in a good way! It's a great feeling knowing you've achieved something.

Simon is a great guy, always full of praise and encouragement. He guides you if you're not doing something correctly, and praises you when you do well.

I'd highly recommend anyone signing up for their free trial and joining in our sessions. You'll soon feel GREAT, and see GREAT results.


"Down from 87 to 78kg in 2 Camps!"

Nicola Bland, 56, Leatherhead

Guildford fitness

"I'm loving Camp at the moment and I'm really chuffed at my progress so far! For the first time in my life I'm seeing big change in my body from regular exercise.

Trouble is I can't really call Camp 'exercise' because it's so much fun! The other girls are really supportive, the Trainers are patient and experienced, and I never feel as though I'm lagging behind or failing.

Camp is a great way to get into shape fast and be recognised for doing so. Whatever your age, Ladies Fitness Camps will help you get the results you want.

"My clothes are hanging off me!"

Julie Bryant, 34, Guildford

Guildford Ladies Fitness

"After just 6 weeks of Camp I've lost 1 stone 4 pounds, and thanks to the eating plan I feel so much better, without needing the junk!

I expected to be given the usual starvation diet to get the weight off me, but was pleasantly surprised to find the eating plan not only filling, but tasty and realistic.

There was no calorie counting, no weighing or measuring - simply eating sensible foods in sensible portions, with the added BONUS of a cheat day every week to reward my good behaviour!

Camp is great fun and I love the team spirit you get from the other girls. I'm addicted to the boxing sessions, especially the lineouts and the relays!"

Girls Just Like You

Come to any of our Camps and meet the girls making a difference; changing their bodies and boosting their energy, many enjoying exercise for the first time in their lives.

Womens Fitness Surrey
Girls Workouts
Jo Phillips, 36, Guildford
Ladies Fitness Guildford

"I have lost over a stone in 5 weeks, going from 9st 11 to 8st 9!"

Jo's initial goal was simply to get fitter and stop feeling so tired. She didn't intentionally set out to lose any weight at Camp, because she didn't think she had much weight to lose....

"Ladies Fitness Camps appealed to me, since it offered so much more than typically boring gym exercises. There was more teamwork, light hearted competition and variety than anything I had tried before, and the results couldn't have been better.

I was surprised at the amount of weight I had to lose, and how easily it dropped off, simply by coming to Camp and following the simple to understand eating plan.

I've gone down 2 dress sizes, from a size 12 to a size 8, and have since bought clothes from 4 different shops where all items have been a size 8!

"Great Trainers!"

Angie Davis, 36, Godalming

Guildford Ladies Club

"I'm really pleased with my results so far. It's the first time I've done exercise like this where I've really felt the difference.

Other people have noticed, which is always a good boost! I really appreciate the encouragement you give during Camp.

Great Camp, Great People, Great Trainers!"

"I've lost almost 2 stone!"

Laura Wakley, 28, Guildford

Guildford Fitness Camp

"I've gone from a size 16 to size 10 in 4 months. As well as weight and inch loss results, I've masses more energy, I'm sleeping better and my mood has improved.

The eating plan has helped me control my IBS for the first time in 15 years and I've also been able to quit the chiropractor because of my strengthened lower back and core.

I would recommend Fitstreet to all women!"

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