Boxing – Our campers love it! We give a variety of drills and exercises to keep your training fun, while maintaining an infectious level of energy among the group. We have boxing exercises to shape the whole body!

Bands – A workout with a difference that work your sides, tummy, thighs, arms and importantly as ladies your mid/upper back, helping you take tension away from your neck and adding strength to your posture. We work with the same style, lighter version of bands that American Football teams use in their pre-season training!

Circuits – These are a real ‘heart-raiser’, time to work against the clock, yet allowing you to work at your own maximum pace, whatever your current fitness level. Need more of a challenge and I will upgrade your exercise, struggling and I will give you an easier version. We look after you as individuals. Using the natural environment around you; benches, hills, steps or even brick walls, we guarantee a fast, exhilirating challnenge that will leave nothing unworked! Its fat shredding time – genuinely!

Pilates & Yoga – No ohms here – our style of these 2 disciplines allows you to lower your heart rate whilst improving your flexibility & tone.

Cardio Intervals – Boo to long bouts of jogging. Our style is quick, manageable and adds fun and pace to your sessions. The contstant flow of each session, interspersed with short cardio bursts is much more effective at burning unwanted fat. You may have heard of HIIT training. This is essentially it!